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Beautiful Courageous You


In this busy world we live in, it’s important for us , as women, to know how to incorporate physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellness into our everyday lives. This enables us to live a life full of hope and be empowered and encouraged to pursue our passions and dreams.

Inspired by Lauralee Berrill’s new book, 'Beautiful Courageous You', this event is intended to bring hope to women in all walks of life. Lauralee will encourage you through her powerful story of overcoming sickness, the loss of her three children and depression. Along with her team of skilled and creative women, this day will equip you to live your best life.

Where: Riverside Retreat Bundaberg
When: Saturday 13th August 2016
Time: 9:am - 5:30pm
Cost: $75 Ticket purchase HERE

Snapshot of the day:
Morning Session: Start 9am
Lauralee Berrill will start the day by sharing some of her powerful story and practical tools she has learnt from her journey.

There will be several sessions and fun workshops throughout the day where professional female artists, nutritionists and specialised consultants will speak and share practical tools that you can use to live a full, happy and healthy life.
A nourishing lunch is provided + all of the workshop material cost.

Afternoon Workshops:
Healing for the Spirit through the Creative Art Workshop
with Froyle Neideck | Colours of Hope.
Healing for the Soul through the Floral Art Workshop
with Dezley Hughes | Twig & Grace
Healing the Body with Health & Wellness
with Lauralee Berrill (BA Exercise Science), Treena Salthouse | Nourish You (Health & Wellness Coach) and Cara Morgan (Mind/Body Facilitator).