Our Programs


Beautiful Courageous You:

A one-day, non-profit event, equipping women and girls to live a life of complete wellbeing; Body, Soul and Spirit. Be inspired by the BCY guest speakers, then enjoy a full afternoon of fun, thought provoking sessions that facilitate the celebration of your uniqueness, through creative expression in art and floral workshops. Be inspired, Be empowered, Be 'Beautiful Courageous You'! 


Weekend Retreats:

We run weekend retreats for the purpose of creativity and worship. Music and art are the vehicles we employ to engage participants in an experience of worship and Christian community.

Creative art workshops:

A one day art retreat, engages participants in a discussion of what hope looks like for them. Using mixed media exploration, it is about the process of the painting. The development of the art comes with the journey of creating it.

These workshops are designed to encourage a positive sense of identity and self worth, as each person creates from their own individual expression. No experience necessary, all materials are supplied and each participant leaves the day with a finished artwork.

The Creative Art Workshops are open to all sectors of the community. We also run specific workshops for individual groups, such as women’s retreats and in conjunction with worship gatherings.